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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Emerging From the Pile of Boxes

A completely accurate depiction of my last 4 weeks

Hey there blogland, good to see you again! It has been a few weeks, hasn't it?

And what weeks they were! Moving is never my favourite task, but this time...oye vey.You never really realize how much stuff you acquire until it comes time to pack it all. Inevitably, since you didn't realize how much crap you have to purge/pack until you started, you always end up starting about 2 weeks later than you really should have and everything is done in a last minute rush. The BF took moving week off, stating that he'd get all the major packing done that week....well, you can guess how well that went. Moving day was a frenzy of last minute packing, multiple car trips across town, and a good hour of panic when we thought we'd lost the keys to the moving truck.

That all being said, things went pretty well. We found the keys, got everything in, unpacked the kitchen, bedrooms, TV, were able to run over to the next town to pick up some Kijiji furniture finds with the truck, and had it all done in time to catch the 2nd period of the hockey game - Leafs vs Canadiens. (And, if I recall correctly, I think the Leafs even won. Incredible!)

Of course, Moving Day is just the start of all the fun! The BF and I have spent the last 4 weeks unpacking, repacking, moving, and tripping over an infinite number of boxes, along with the requisite trips into the city for IKEA and HomeSense runs. And then the subsequent trips to return the stuff you bought the first time when it doesn't fit, or is missing those damn little bits of IKEA hardware.

Things are starting to settle down and we're really enjoying being homeowners.  Every day finds me quietly grinning to myself and offering up silent prayers of gratitude to whichever deity is listening. I still cannot believe that we got so lucky.