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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Winter is coming...

Why yes, I have been reading a lot of Game of Thrones recently, thank-you for asking!

Summer is short in the mountains. Just this past week there was frost on the cars and the grass as I walked to work, my breath fogged in the air and I wished I had a hat for my chilly ears. It's only mid-August! This is my second time through a mountain summer, and despite the snow we had last year, I'm still not used to it. Is it strange that I long for the ridiculously hot and humid summers from "back home?"

Luckily today was warm (I heard 28 degrees predicted on the news!) so the boyfriend and I spent it outside at Moraine Lake, meandering around and snapping photos of the Valley of Ten Peaks. So iconic :) We have to take advantage of as many of these warm days as we can before fall hits approximately 2 weeks, lol.
My attempts to capture the amazing shade of blue on the lake

Part of the view found on the back of the old $20 bills

I make no claims at being a great photographer.

The wheel of the year keeps on turning, so we must take advantage of the nice days while they last. It will be ski season soon enough :)

EDIT: No sooner did I write that post than I was greeted with one of the most beautifully warm days of the summer. Maybe fall isn't that close after all.


  1. Pushovers are afraid of confrontation & cowards are passive aggressive...That's what my favorite YouTuber thinks. Check out his video-- I'm sure you can relate to him.

  2. Hehe, thanks for sharing! I quite enjoyed that video, it made me lol a little...probably shouldn't have watched it at work :P