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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gone Fishin'

...or something like that.

I'm off on vacation! Back to Ontario for me for two weeks for my BFF's wedding and some family festivities. It's starting to feel like fall (already!) in the Rockies, so the timing is ideal - Southern Ontario is still hot humid, and very much like summer. Also, I heard something about potential snow on Friday, so I'm skeedadling my little butt off to the airport as fast as possible! Time for some fun, sun, and yes, maybe even some fishing.

See you in a few weeks!



  1. I was born in Ontario! I envy your trip; I have been aching to get back up there - it's been about 5 years! Have fun! Looking forward to when you get back.

    Stumbled you from Coexist Cafe!

    My blogger is offline, but you can find me at - if you so choose.

  2. Thanks, Urban Earthworm! I'll definitely take a wander over your way now that I'm back in the land of blogging.

    It's nice to run into someone else who yearns to visit "Onterrible" :P